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Week's Recap

Hi! I'm sorry I have been MIA for the past week (has it really already been a week?!)
Last Friday we were invited to go to a Barrel Race to see my best friend do her thing.  
For the occasion, since they're mostly outdoors, I opted for a couple of sweaters and my new favorite leather blazer, my wool hat, pashmina scarf, and just jeans and boots with gloves.  I was warm all night with all the wool and layers.  I got my gloves last year and they were supposed to be the kind you can use your iphone with, but this year, that seems to have wore off.  So just a note, the nit glove's fingertips don't stay working after a while apparently.
After we got there it took a while to see her race, but they saved the best for last because she got in there and made it look easy and got 1st place!!

The next morning on Saturday, we did what we'd been putting off for quite some time now.  We rented a splitter, went over to Eric's parents house and got to work.  Eric split wood an…

Just Chillin On a Park Bench

This fall weather has made for some beautiful photo ops.  My mom actually took these photos today and we were having so much fun in this little park.  Thanks, Mom!
The leaves are in full foliage and I'm so glad I'm able to capture that in my pictures.  We had our first frost last night so I know this fall beauty will be short lived.  Though chilly, the weather has been tolerable up to now.  Last night was the first night I was awakened by the frigid air.  Eric is always reluctant to turn the heat on because we're on electric and it costs a fortune to run.  So every year around this time we play a sort of cat and mouse game where I try and sneak the heat on for just a little bit to take the edge off; turning it off before he notices.  If he does, he just gives me a look, shakes his head and just laughs.  I'm sorry, but I'm not particularly fond of wearing my winter hat and gloves to cook dinner, my dear.  Once he gets the wood stove going it makes it nice and toast…

Fastest Meal Ever

Let me first dedicate this entry to the man that walks in the door and wants to eat immediately.  If it wasn't for these fast meals I'm able to whip together in a moment's notice he'd eat "Brinner" every night because eggs cook so fast.
Ok, now let me get into this.. So this is probably not getting into the Guinness World Book of Records or anything but I kid you not, I started at 5:28pm and was it was plated at 5:52pm.  Let's face it, it's nothing special, but I wanted to share it because of how quick it is.
I walked in the door (knowing already what I was going to cook) grabbed the skillet, put it on the burner, added about 1tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and turned it on Med/High heat to get it warmed up.
While that was getting ready for my chicken, I added some broccoli to a pan with just a little of water in the bottom of the pan and turned it on high heat.

Next, I added my chicken to the skillet that warm by that time and seasoned it with just …

High Waisted Pants and Braided Scarfs

Today I felt like going a little out of my comfort zone.  High waisted pants have been out there since the beginning of time, but I've never felt right in them.  I always called them "Mom Pants".  But it seems they are growing on me.  And it makes sense too because my favorite skirt style is the pencil skirt (a very high waist) and with me being so short I think the high waist helps elongate my legs.  So here's my attempt at really embracing the high waist by tucking in the top and adding a belt to complete the look.  The flare is something that I have always loved.  I was very reluctant to go to a skinny jean when they started getting popular among my friends.  I like my comfort zones, I have to say, which is probably the main reason I'm late on many of the new styles that come out.  I wait for two things: 1st, will it last or is this just a fad, and 2nd, letting the style grow on me to where I feel comfortable in it.
The scarf braid is a trick I learned from t…

And Fall Weather Has Arrived

Scarf: LLBean Boots: American Eagle Skirt: Banana Republic Glasses: Ralph Lauren
I've been dreading this, but I finally gave in and put away all my sandals.  It was a sad day but I had to accept that Fall weather has arrived.  It does help that I just got these adorable boots though!  I'm loving this color combination too.  And whaaatt??!! Hair's down, look out!  Can you tell I'm much more of a "Throw the hair up and go" type of a gal.

Brown on Brown on Brown

It was my birthday on Monday so my mom brought me shopping for clothes!!  Since I've been trying not to shop (I'm still doing good!) this was sooo needed!! Thanks Mom!!  I feel in love with this blazer and boots and tried them on in the store and then proceeded to wear them around until I checked out and have been wearing them pretty much nonstop ever since. And like I said last time, I've been loving this layering of different shades of the same color and this brown on tan on brown, is no exception. Did you find Scoob? :)

Fall Fabulousness

For the last two years we've gone apple picking around September and this year we were able to bring Sarita!  According to the website, the farm was pet friendly, but when we got there, we were informed that it is against Federal Law to have dogs in the orchards.  So we just hung out in the paths. Eric picked the apples for us while I stayed with Scoob (a.k.a. Sarita :) peeking his head out from time to time to say Hi.  The scenery was just beautiful and we were happy to just relax and take in all that fall fabulousness. Needless to say, Scoob was pooped after such a big day of exciting apple picking.

White & Greys

As I continue to enjoy this nice weather, I'm still getting use out of my summer clothes like this little white skirt from Banana Republic that I scored at 75% off at the outlets a couple of years ago.  It's one of my favorite pieces in my closet and since this epiphany happened I'm stoked that I don't have to put it away this year.  Get ready to see a lot of experimenting with this one. Another thing I've been trying, and loving it, is mixing different shades of one color together as I've done here with the greys.  I'm really liking it and I think the scarf being two-toned helps bring it all together.  What new looks have you been experimenting with?  And don't forget to find Scoob!

Still in Sandals

As I've said before, it takes me a while to get out of my sandals.  But lucky for me this October so far has been unseasonably warm!  I have a feeling that will change soon, but I'm living it up until then.  Oh and how 'bout that Scooby photo bomb?! I should just name my blog, "Where's Scoob?"  Anyways, here's my attempt at holding on dearly to the summer pink and sandals while slowly working my way into the fall with the autumn yellow and brown.  Usually my transition is so slow that it ends up being winter by the time I get comfortable with the idea of it being Autumn.  And even though I try and wear a variety of different outfits, I have to say this is my comfort zone.  A casual top with some comfy jeans.