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Maxi Dress

For all my dresses, if I feel like dressing them down like I did today I just throw a casual t-shirt over it.  No one even knew it was actually a dress.  You can try it with any of your dresses.  And it's great because you have two outfits in one.  

Jean Jacket

Jeans: JC Penney Top: H&M Jacket: Holister Shoes: NY & Co Necklace: H&M
It was a friend's Birthday so we all went down to a local Margarita bar to celebrate.  It's starting to get chilly during the nights here, unfortunately, but this little jacket that's been tucked away for some time got to make an appearance for the celebration because of it.  The chilly air reminds me that it's going to be fall before we know it, which I guess isn't all bad.  One thing I love about the Northeast is the change in seasons.  Gives us a chance to switch up the wardrobe and wear jackets we haven't worn in ages.  

A Much Needed Four Day Weekend

On Friday of last week and Monday of this week Eric and I decided to take some much needed vacation time for no other reason than to just take a break.  We've been going nonstop it seems and we just needed a breather.  Here's a little bit of what we did this weekend...

We laid around.. 

We enjoyed the weather and I cleaned the house..
while Eric did lawn work, built a fire and grilled us some delicious steak..
I went to the city..

And saw Ron Pope!! at Irving Plaza..
I got to meet the band!  Zac from The District
And we ended the long weekend with some more of our favorite..  laying around.  It was fabulous. :)
And today.. back to work..  My sentiments exactly, weather.

Holy Peaches!

So in my Garden Update I told you how many peaches I had, but I really can't describe it and give you the full idea until I show you.  So LOOK AT ALL THOSE PEACHES!! 

Good Day

Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days.  And sometimes those bad days don't really make sense.  I look back on it and think, "If my attitude had been better, it could have been a really good day."  Every now and then it takes a bad day to remind me that we have the power to create and destroy our own happiness.  So today, I'm going to create my happiness and have a good day and a good night and nothing but my own attitude can change that.  I, with my new-found happy attitude, started my day with a run to get this good day started.  It was the first run I've done since I broke my toe in January and it felt great, so we're off to a great start! I hope everyone else has an excelent day too!

Plaid and Neon

Top: Target Sweater: Target Pants: Express Shoes: Payless Purse: Gift, Coach
For this day, Eric let me know we were in a hurry.  I chose to do my pictures in the morning on this day, which is also a challenge because I am NOT a morning person. At. All.  So if I look a little stink eye, that's why. For my outfit I chose these Express Editor pants that are my absolute favorite pants out of my Editor Pants collection.  My entire collection has been tailored and they all came out a little different and these are the ones that came out exactly right and fit me to a t.  Then I wanted to wear my go-to sweater and my comfortable shoes that match.  Now I could've thrown on a white boring shirt, but wanted to switch it up a bit. Enter Neon Green! I love the pop of color it creates with the brown and cream boring-ness.

Garden Update

I just wanted to give everyone an update on our gardens.  Our vegetable garden is doing great and putting out some great tomatoes, including black and yellow, and red plum and regular, as well as squash, and our day lilies and clementine are blooming and looking beautiful.  But our peaches.. WOW.  We have so many peaches on our tree the poor thing is so bent it's almost touching the ground.  I think all the rain has something to do with it but we have the larges amount of peaches we've ever had!  I think I need to look up some peach recipes, and get busy, and I can't wait!

Animal Print

Cardigan: Rue 21 Purse: Nine West Pants: Express Glasses: Ralph Lauren
This cardigan is one of my favorites.  It was one of my first ever purchases of animal print and I still remember bringing it to the register thinking, "Yea! I have animal print now! I'm fashionable now!"  I've always been the boring, black, grey, cream, brown type of girl, something I still work on.  Now I have shopping trips where I don't allow myself to buy black, because I have wayyy too much of it. 
For this outfit, I wanted a pop of color and this bright blue did just the trick.  And check out this purse.  Would you believe I've had this purse since 1995!?  I'm starting to dig it's long, 90's style, strap again.  I'm glad I kept it around all this time because I have a feeling it's going to be making a comeback into my wardrobe.  And, that would be my puppy photo bombing. 
For my hair I wanted to put it up (big surprise) but I wanted to switch it up so I put it…

Pastels for Summer

Sweater: Old Navy Pants: Express Shoes: Payless Pearls: Gift
For the last couple of days it's almost felt like fall.  Whenever the weather starts cooling off in the morning, it reminds me of back to school and all things that represent Autumn.  And I'm just not ready! It's still summer and I don't care if I'm in the northeast, I want it to still feel like summer until that calendar says so.  This SUMMER sweater was perfect for this weather though.  Not too heavy, not too light, just right.