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A Day with Mom: Veggie Garden Planters How-To & A Quick Blue Bird Lesson

This summer Eric decided he wanted a bigger vegetable garden.  To do this he completely dissembled the fence so he could rebuild it, but with this summer being so crazy with the wedding he never got around to finishing it.  So long story short, we still wanted veggies but didn't have a place to put them.   Enter: Planters!  
I've known people to use planters to grow vegetables, but have never tried it myself.  So naturally, I called Mom.  She found the planters big enough to fit everything in and even painted them for me! Then she had me over and taught me all about how to do it just right to make sure I got some really great results.  Now, I can't selfishly keep all this great knowledge to myself so here you go! From my mom to me and now to you.  First you need the planters.  The bigger the better, but a 3-5gal should be fine.  And a lot of potting soil.  The multipurpose is great and I like to make sure it has the moisture control because, let's face it, I'm not…

Dinner in 5 Ingredients or Less

Sometimes when I'm in a rush and hungry I just want to cook the food I have. I don't want to do anything fancy with other ingredients or seasonings, I just literally want to COOK. THE. FOOD.

Which brought me to this post. I have a feeling I'm not the only one.  Well this meal is just that. Cooked food.  Takes no brain power whatsoever and is done in no time. 
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 pork sausage
2 bell peppers
1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup marinara sauce

Cook sausage 10-20 min on med heat in a large skillet until browned
Add peppers about half way in, cook in same skillet 5-10 min depending on preference of tenderness.
Add to roll or bowl and serve. Add marina and/or mozz cheese if desired.

Prep 5min; Cook 20min; Serves 2

First, I heat up the olive oil on med heat, then add the sausage and cook for about 15 min turning them every so often so not to blacken one side more than another.

Meanwhile I got my peppers ready.  I'll share this with …

The Beauty of June Continues

I'm so excited with how beautiful our gardens are this year that I couldn't wait to give you guys an update!
I don't know if it's because we're paying more attention or if it's because we've been working so hard on them this year, but everything is saying, "Thank you!" in a big way.
I mean, check out this Peony, would you!
According to The Plant Expert (and if I picked the right one in the list) this beauty is called Mother's Choice and was the winner of the American Peony Society Gold Medal in 1993!  Why am I not surprised?!

If you're looking to grow peonies, they're pretty easy once they get their feet down.  I do virtually nothing to these and they keep coming back every year.  Just a little weeding around their base.  I've heard that some will cut them back after they bloom, but I never have.  In the fall I will take away the dead from the year before, but only if it's not connected anymore.  I don't ever clip anything …