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Before You Had a Name

Baby Girl.

I can't remember how long I wanted you to come into this world and be a part of mine.  It was since the time I was a little girl, carrying around a little doll.  The fire really hit when I met your daddy.  It took him a while to be ready to think about having you.  He wanted everything to be perfect for his first child, and I'm thankful for that, because it's pretty damn close to being perfect after all the work he has done to get everything ready for you.  Your room is perfect.  Freshly renovated with fresh paint and brand new furniture from your grandma.  Your home is cozy, fresh and new.  Your daddy made sure everything was in place for our finances, our insurance, and all that business stuff that someone as responsible as your daddy takes care of.  And tomorrow's my birthday and he got me curio cabinets for the dinning room!  These were very important in my planning for you to come since they gave us more storage so we would have more room for your bott…

Almost 10

Almost 10 years.
I think back on us. Where it began. Who we were back then. Two kids. Still in college. You, with your Holister sweatshirt and sweatpants texting me during class. Me working at Holister and buying a new outfit every time I thought I'd see you.  Our first date: Applebee's. I was so nervous I literally couldn't eat. I remember the exact table we sat at. It was our first face to face dinner even though we'd had several nights out as college kids do and I was terrified. In a good way. I remember your red polo. I remember your swag. I remember you dancing with me. I remember you holding my hand even though you needed to shift and shifting your Audi with your left hand so you didn't have to let go.  You always had something up your sleeve.  Telling me to get in the car and showing up on our date that was anything but typical.  From Howe Caverns to the driving range and I absolutely loved it.  Your job? A Zamboni driver and hockey score keeper at the Y.  …