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Our Engagement Story

The morning of 11/12/13 I was completely oblivious to the date, or anything my boyfriend was planning for that night.  I did however; notice that he was in an especially good mood.  He was so kind, not that that’s weird, he was just… different.  I didn't think anything of it at the time.
Eric and I work together.  Not for the same company, just in the same building.  He has always been strict when it comes to PDA in the workplace, but on this day, he was so sweet, giving me subtle, loving touches throughout the day; a brush on the shoulder, holding my hand.  At one point I caught him just looking at me.  The entire day, was almost magical, looking back.  I felt so loved.  I know now, he was so excited and just… happy.  But at this point, while I enjoyed the extra attention, I was still completely oblivious to anything.  My co-worker mentioned the date to me, but I, again, thought nothing of it.  I left early from work that day to go to an eye appointment; just a yearly checkup a…