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It's the Little Things

Ever have one of those days that just beats the crap out of you?

Well this day was one of those days.. a Monday of course, they're notorious for that.

But what I came home to on this day was nothing short of amazing.  It's just one of the million reasons why I love this man and one of the million reasons why I'm so happy to be marrying him in just a few short months.

CDPHP Workforce Challenge

2011 Our company won "Most Corporate" for our Company T-Shirts designed by Melissa!   This was our first year participating, and we got a great turnout!  This was the very first race, scratch that, very first RUN I had ever tackled, and I was instantly hooked!  
After that first CDPHP Workforce challenge in 2011 I signed up for many more races, like the Freihofer's Run for Women, Color Me Rad, The Last Run, a Turkey Trot and I even did a Warrior Dash in 2012! 

2012 CDPHP Workforce Challenge we had a pretty good turn out too and even had some additions to the team.
2013 CDPHP Workforce Challenge I had a broken toe *sad face* but I cheered everyone on from up top.   This was actually pretty cool because, for the first time, I was able to see the magnitude of this race with over 9K participating each year!

And for the 2014 CDPHP Workforce Challenge, I have to admit, I'm not as enthusiastic about running as I was after completing that first race in 2011.  With everything…

"Life is happening to you."

The other day, I was having a little bit of a frazzled day, and I was telling my boss everything that was “wrong” as I sometimes do at the beginning of the day, and she said to me, "Life is happening to you."
This statement really resonated with me for some reason. 
“Life is happening to you.”
It made me think of all the “life” happening!  Ok, that may sound weird.  Life happens every day, but for years mine seemed very stagnant, boring almost.  We were in our routine and life was quiet.  But then all of the sudden, about a year ago, life decided to get moving in a very real way.  Good, bad, happy, sad, pretty, ugly - “Life” was, and still is happening.  And I suppose that after years of being quiet, it’s just a little bit of an adjustment for me, but I couldn’t be more thankful for all the wonderful things going on right now! 
One small thing going on right now, and one reason I've been neglectful to my little blog.. 

I’m about to get married, people!!  MARRIED!!!  
And wed…

Spring! .. Finally!

I don't think anyone is as happy as this little puppy right here! 
Now let the fun begin! Hopefully this year we are able to edit some more and get this place's gardens manageable. 
First order of business though: raking, weeding and just trying to clean up a little.