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About Me

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Libby.  Eric and I live in the Northeast with our chihuahua, Sarita (a.k.a. Scoob) and our baby girl.  I originally started this blog to distract me from my stress and it quickly became something I very much enjoy.

I enjoy fashion and for me, it's the most fun out of the three "Fashion, Flowers, and Food".  I'll share with you my everyday fashion as I attempt to find my personal style.

The "Flowers and Food" portion of this blog is my challenge to myself.  A way to keep myself accountable and keep at the things that I might not be the best at, learning every step of the way.  So needless to say, I'm not trained in either field, but I try my best to make meals that are edible, and try to keep my plants alive.

I'm always on the go and most of my meals are very simple.  I try and find shortcuts to recipes and I'll share that with you too, as I can imagine I'm not the only one that doesn't want to spend hours in the kitchen after a long day at work.

Our Flowers are a work in progress.  Eric and I bought our home from my parents and my mother was an avid gardener and would try her best to get me in the garden as a teenager.  And man, I have to tell you, I'm paying for all those years of avoiding getting out there with her!  Everyday that she comes over to "play" in the gardens I cherish, and use every moment to just listen to her and her vast knowledge of her, now my plants on the property.  As I learn to "play" in the gardens, I am discovering that I actually do like it.. sometimes.  When the flowers are in bloom, and show off their beautiful colors I realize what it's all about.  I'm discovering new plants (and immediately call Mom to get the name and info about them) and after that and some backbreaking weeding to save them from the my neglect, I discover them, their beauty and their potential and then they become my own and I find the true meaning of gardening.  This blog will touch on that journey.

Please, won't you stay a while?


  1. I agree Libby! I've done the same thing and have three full closets full of clothes I never wear! I'm looking forward to learning what you've learned-even though I'm your Mom-you can teach me a thing or two! XO Beautiful pictures!


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