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Almost 10

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Almost 10 years.
I think back on us. Where it began. Who we were back then. Two kids. Still in college. You, with your Holister sweatshirt and sweatpants texting me during class. Me working at Holister and buying a new outfit every time I thought I'd see you.  Our first date: Applebee's. I was so nervous I literally couldn't eat. I remember the exact table we sat at. It was our first face to face dinner even though we'd had several nights out as college kids do and I was terrified. In a good way. I remember your red polo. I remember your swag. I remember you dancing with me. I remember you holding my hand even though you needed to shift and shifting your Audi with your left hand so you didn't have to let go.  You always had something up your sleeve.  Telling me to get in the car and showing up on our date that was anything but typical.  From Howe Caverns to the driving range and I absolutely loved it.  Your job? A Zamboni driver and hockey score keeper at the Y.  I surprised you with a sandwich one night and you gave me a ride as you coded the ice at the end of the night. 

We couldn't keep our hands off each other. For a solid few months we were inseparable. You said I love you first but I was already thinking it, worried it would be too soon, relieved when you let me know it wasn't. You asked me to be your girlfriend and we became "official" on the 10th of November 2005.  Shortly after, I moved out of 433 (shout out to my college roommates!!) and you out of your parents to our first home together, our tiny apartment on Washington that didn't take dogs, but Scoob "didn't count", that was just close enough to walk to and from the bars after having our friends over for drinks and having parties and was right around the corner from the park where we took Scoob.  We had some of our best memories in that place and I still remember them whenever I drive by.

From the beginning I knew something was special when it came to you and me.  I look back at how far we've come. How young we were but still able to stay the steady constant through all the years. 

As I sit on our couch in our second home that we bought on a piece of land in the country with a white picket fence that we've been renovating for the past seven years, I think about the latest projects we accomplished.  The deck that we had done just in time for guests to come and hang out before and after our wedding.  And our kitchen that is such a dream come true right down to the skylight. And most recently, the baby's room.  

Your sweats have been replaced by slacks and suits when you have a client meeting, and my Holister jeans have been replaced with pencil skirts as we both grow in our careers. And our spare time previously spent mostly with friends and homework is now spent managing our home and preparing for our first child. 

As I sit here reminiscing about two young kids that couldn't keep our hand off each other and think how those crazy in love kids have transformed into the two adults that give a peck as they get home from work and talk about their day, I am so incredibly grateful.  Though we don't have to hold hands at the cost of our driving safety anymore, we can sit in the car for 18 hours and have the best time driving to an Alabama wedding.  Though we don't have as many date nights, but we take turns cooking and cleaning up after a long day.  

As I sit here 8 and a half months pregnant with our daughter, I'm in awe. We made it.  We're here! And I am so impatiently awaiting our next adventure. 

Baby Girl, we are so ready to meet you!


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